Basic Walk 2017


Her text message was enthusiastic, and also there.  Already.  I’m backing out of my driveway trying to piece together what happened to make my whole body feel this badly.  I know there were new people, friends now.  I mean if you’re naked in their hot tub you’re officially friends.  The hot tub was nice.  He had a laser.  That was random but amazing.  He put a champagne flute in it and it etched a saying by Mark Twain.  Something like “Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”  Oh wait, I took a Snapchat of that.  The only picture I took all night.  Mark Twain Champagne.


They only drank sweet stuff.  Not whisky, not beer, just the sweets.  And now I’m negotiating my 7AM workout into a 7:10AM walk, and she’s already there waiting for me.  I’m in jeans and going to a gym.

The walk was nice.  We were going to work out  run  walk to a smoothie place but – probably because I was late – we walked to the Easton Starbucks instead.  This is the most NOT workout ever, but a great way to start the day.  I think I have a bourbon tasting tonight at 6:30 at The Pub at Polaris.